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WCGN was epic! Check out photos from the night and learn more about this FUNdraiser presented by our Leadership Council!

Music at APCH. Join the Social Change Club! Support A Place Called Home and stay involved all year round! Join the Club for fun events, volunteer and networking opportunities! Free, year-round programs are provided to more than 1, members and their families annually , in six core areas:. Education Services Daily tutoring and homework assistance from 2nd grade through college level, and our on site charter high school partnership. In cities where home-ownership becomes increasing difficult, living in an apartment, is in fact, the only option for most people.


Their children regard it as their home. In Minneapolis, however, that is increasingly difficult. The affordable housing crisis has worsened and worsened in the last few years. This is our backdrop. Let me start by introducing one of us. The Lowry Hill Apartments, ca. Photo taken by author,. I was born in My parents were wealthy when I was young, or appeared so.

Like many, they were mortgaged to the hilt. I had a priviledged youth, but by the crash of that was over. The foreclosure crisis had reached us and in we were forced to leave our home.

A Dream Called Home

I bounced around between my mom in Wisconsin and caring for my father as he recovered from a hip replacement and was evicted by his then-landlord in Watertown. I moved to Minneapolis in to be closer to my friends and pursue my education. While living temporarily with my sister in the country while searching for apartments, a Craigslist ad directed me to a place where a friend of mine had lived the summer following high school, and I moved in at the Lowry Hill Apartments in September of When my father was homeless following his eviction, he lived with his brother for a couple of years, and then with me for 9 months in When my sister was homeless for a few months at the same time following two evictions, she lived with me.

There was a time when two relatives were sharing my living room. Homelessness has been a specter for me and my family for several years now; for how many others is it the same? I had a home, and that meant so much to me that I was willing to sacrifice in other areas. But, phones and internet are more necessities than luxuries if one is going to be a functioning member of society in the s, and I have since modernized. I walk everywhere and take public transit only when I have no other choice for reasons of economy.

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The Lowry Hill Apartments is visible at right. Photo from the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. They were built in the summer of and the first tenants moved in that September. The corner of Hennepin and Douglas was an ideal spot. The two later three building complex was co-owned by their architect, Henry Ingham, who was a master builder and carpenter. For several years prior and afterward he had been very successful in developments of various tracts around the city, and built many handsome and profitable wooden houses. His business partner was a nationally prominent lawyer, Walter V.

The rental agents were the Thorpe Brothers agency, then a potent force in Minneapolis real estate development who may have served as match-makers for the project, which may have gone back a decade. The buildings replaced several large single-family homes. The Lowry Hill Apartments as they appeared in From a photo held by the Minnesota Streetcar Museum. The salad days were not to last. By the s the apartments were arranged for roomers sharing bathrooms, typical for large old houses and apartments at this time.

During and after WWII, there was an enormous surge in general city populations.

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Dark, elaborate woodwork was removed or painted. The old, intricate wood and wrought iron balconies on the fronts were slated for wrecking and the brick balcony of one building was enclosed. Stores were put in at ground level. A great forest of definitions, associations, understandings and misunderstandings has grown up around this word.

It can mean the set of artistic activities covered in the Culture section of the Sunday newspaper, or it can mean the ways of living in and making sense of the world which anthropologists set out to study.

Our school is a home for a community of culturemakers, digging over the disputable lands between those different understandings of culture. Some of us would pass as artists, some are scholars seeking respite from the deadening of institutional life.

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There are thoughtful activists and active thinkers, ministers with and without congregations, hackers, crafters, public speakers and silent revolutionaries. One thing we have in common is a sense that culture — in all its senses — goes deeper than the modern world has often allowed. It gets overlooked or underestimated when what is real is limited to whatever can be counted, measured and priced.

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  • Yet precisely because it is underestimated, culture remains a direction from which surprising possibilities may come. Who speaks the language of home? All too often, it is those who stir up hatred against migrants, or those who would undo the ongoing transformation of possibilities experienced by women over the past few generations.

    The further you pass through the layers of school and university, the further you are likely to end up from wherever you were born.