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We are ready to right the wrongs of the past and will work with Councilmember [Rosie] Mendez and her successor to get that done. In the nearly nine months since that stunning announcement, however, there has been no further word from City Hall on plans to wrest back the building from Singer. Last Friday, local politicians and community activists gathered in front of the fenced-off building at E.

Ninth St. They were about in all, and spilled into the street in front of the old school.

Chara’s Promise

Also present, though at a distance, on the sidewalk near the corner of Avenue B, was a contingent of around 25 police, quietly keeping an eye on things. They paled in comparison to the huge force of riot-helmet-wearing cops who massed on the street 17 years ago for the eviction. In , at the end of a march for slain squatter activist Brad Will, people broke into the building with a bolt cutter and rode bikes around inside of it.

Regarding the lawsuit, in January, Singer and his associates sued those who they hold responsible for blocking his ever-changing schemes of creating a university dorm; early on, Singer wanted to build a high-rise tower at the site, with one version 27 stories and a later version 19 stories. However, since , when the building was landmarked right under him, he has been trying to renovate the existing structure as a dorm.

HP: Police remand of British tourist held with charas extended

E-mailed requests for comment on why the administration has not held any follow-up meetings with stakeholders about a strategy to regain the building — and its future use — were not responded to by press time. De Blasio has a responsibility to follow through on his pledge and get this building back.

My Promise - Glitchtale S2 Ep #5

On the Tech Hub tower, planned at the P. When we went for the first schedule to Manali we could shoot only for out the days that we were there due to poor weather conditions.

Twenty Years Later, A Community Center is Still Empty - GVSHP | Preservation | Off the Grid

This went on for a month. We had to go back for another schedule.

Even my co-star Namrata Shirodkar is totally different from her earlier appearances. Charas is more stylized, more chic. I play a captain. But this film is nothing like Agnipankh ," he adds quickly. Nothing fails like failure.

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All those middle-of-the-road films in the s like Chitchor, Shaukeen, Rajnigandha and Chotisi Baat left a big impression on me. Latest Features. Bollywood trends in July.