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Anne with an 'E'. Popular Movies 1. It's A Wonderful Life 2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 3. Elf 4. Miracle On 34th Street 5. The Wizard Of Oz 6. White Christmas 7. Planes, Trains, And Automobiles. Popular Celebrities 1. Julia Duffy 2. Bruce Davison 3. Killua is summoned by his father, Silva. With help from Canary, who is concerned about Killua, Gon and his friends are getting closer to the mansion. Meanwhile, Killua is bonding with his father much to Kikyo's strong displeasure , and Silva asks him if he wants to see his friends.

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Killua answers truthfully that he does, so Silva grants him his freedom with the promise that Killua should never betray his friends. A short squabble between Kikyo and Silva reveals that he still believes Killua will one day return home as the leader of the Zoldyck family. Kikyo confides in Gotoh, the family butler, how emotionally distraught she is over Killua leaving again.

With his father's approval, Killua makes his way to the butler's quarters. He instructs Gotoh to let him know the moment Gon and the other arrive. Gotoh complies, but internal dialogue reveals he has other intentions. Canary guides Gon and his friends to the butler office. There, they meet the butler Gotoh, who challenges them to a coin game so he can determine if they are worthy of being Killua's friends. Leorio and Kurapika are disqualified for guessing the wrong hand, leaving only Gon to play the next round.

After winning the game and reuniting with Killua, Gon now looks ahead to his next objective. He refuses to use his Hunter's License until he can return Hisoka's number badge.

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Kurapika reveals that he knows where to find Hisoka and that Hisoka has information about the Phantom Troupe. Leorio and Kurapika leave the group to pursue their own goals. Gon and Killua decide to spend their time training.

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Everyone agrees to meet again September 1 in Yorknew City. November 5, [d]. A recap of episodes 14 to Gon and Killua have arrived at Heavens Arena, where opponents get stronger as you ascend the tower, to train and make money. Both of them are immediately advanced to the 50th floor after their initial battles on the 1st floor. There, they meet Zushi , another young teen with amazing strength.

Chapter 217

When Killua faces off against Zushi, he has no difficulty at all, until Zushi uses a strange technique reminiscent of what Illumi used. Killua is frightened enough to back away, but Zushi's martial arts master, Wing , instructs him to stop the technique. Killua and Gon continue winning fights until they reach the th floor. The pair decide to ask Zushi about his strange technique called "Ren" , but Wing warns them against it. Killua insists he knew because Ren is related to the secret behind his brother's power. In the end, Killua agrees to study under Wing.

He explains the 4 main principles: Ten, Ren, Zetsu and Hatsu.

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He demonstrates how Ren works, by giving Killua the idea of killing him. Because of the strong pressure, Killua is forced to back off. Wing advises them to train with Zushi and start mastering Ten but Killua suggests that they should leave. Killua reveals to Gon that Wing was lying all along as his teachings don't explain Zushi's extreme resilience he noticed while fighting him.

Zushi is troubled because Wing lied to them. Wing only says that for them to know the other meaning of Nen is dangerous. After clearing the th floor, Gon and Killua advance to the th floor. They are stopped by a strong aura which makes them both wary. An employee appears, stating that they should register before midnight. Hisoka appears out of nowhere, and warns them that they are not ready yet and he won't let them pass.

Wing appears behind them and offers to teach them the real Nen. Before leaving, the employee also informs Killua that if he can't register at the given time, he will never be admitted as he already failed to register for the th floor once as a kid. In Wing's room, he finally teaches Gon and Killua the real Nen. Gon and Killua's aura nodes finally open thanks to Wing's help.

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He teaches them how to pass through Hisoka's barrier of Nen. A few hours before midnight, Gon and Killua come back to the hallway that Hisoka is guarding. They successfully pass through and Gon challenges Hisoka to a fight. Hisoka only replies that if Gon manages to win even one match, Hisoka will accept his challenge.

The two successfully register before time runs out.

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After registering, they are confronted by three fighters from the th floor, namely Gido, Sadaso, and Riehlvelt. The two leave and head towards their room. A message saying that Gon's match will be on the next day is seen on the television. The next day, Gido and Gon face off in the arena. Gido launches his spinning tops he called Battle Waltz. Gon is left defenseless in the middle of the ring. Gon continues his fight with Gido and begins to understand how the Dancing Tops technique works.

After he understands the principle behind the technique he is able to evade the attacks. However, he is not able to go on the offensive because of Gido's Tornado Top defense.

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Gon continues to fight and manages to release some of his hidden talents but eventually loses the fight. After the fight is over Master Wing chastises Gon and forbids him from learning any more about Nen until his injuries heal. Kurapika is denied a job at the Agency and meets a stranger who tests his skills and offers to teach him about Nen. One month after Gon is seriously injured and banned to directly practice Nen or be part of any match , the 2-year-lap revenge of the Nen-user Kastro against the magician Hisoka is about to start in the Sky Arena.

Kastro shows confidence, remembering an old saying, "not to fight If you do not have a chance of winning" in this game. Facing to the game, he is also filled with a fearless smile secretly. Kastro and Hisoka face off in Heaven's Arena. Kastro goes on the offensive and appears to have an advantage. Hisoka is unable to dodge because Kastro creates a Nen double that hides behind Kastro's attacks. Despite losing both arms, Hisoka is confident and performs magic tricks, appearing to reattach one arm.

He artfully and secretly uses his Hatsu, "Bungee Gum", to kill Kastro with the playing cards from one of his tricks. After the fight, Machi approaches Hisoka and uses Nen to sew both of his arms back on. She has a message from the boss of the Phantom Troupe. After she leaves, Hisoka removes his spider tattoo, revealing that it is a fake. Gon recovered from his injuries and trains in Nen along with Killua and Zushi, under the instruction of Wing.