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Analyzing Options for Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems. January Pharmaceutical Regulation in 15 European Countries: Review.

Modernism – Sebastian Veg

Health Systems in Transition, ; 18 5 :1— October Laboratory-based Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance. Second Edition, July World Malaria Report Geneva: World Health Organization; Auteur: Arifaj-Blumi, Dardane. Operational Principles for Good Pharmaceutical Procurement. Final report, September Managing Procurement.

Promising Practices: 2 - Procurement. June Pays: Fidji. Conference Report. Sydney, Australia, May Report, Nadi, Fiji, November Suva, Fiji, 30 August to 1 September Consultation on Financing of Essential Medicines. Manila, Philippines, October Documents similaires: WHA Who finds their partner this way?

When in life is income higher than consumption? The population of the world Gilles Pison. Can environmental migrations be measured? France and the United Kingdom: demographic stability on the continent, stop-and-go across the Channel Gilles Pison. Why is intercountry adoption declining worldwide? Recourse to abortion is decreasing, but repeat abortions are more frequent Magali Mazuy, Laurent Toulemon, Elodie Baril.

Who are the children enrolled in French daycare centres?

Les libéraux chinois dans la Chine post-Tiananmen

The French pill scare: towards a new contraceptive model? Masculinization of births in Eastern Europe Christophe Z. No English please! France : stable fertility, declining infant mortality Gilles Pison. Wilfried Rault, Estelle Bailly. Where do people meet their first sexual partner and their first life partner? Michel Bozon, Wilfried Rault. France and Great Britain : rising educational participation results in later births. Are women more economically active in Germany than France?

Anne Salles. Contraception in France : new context, new practices? Adolescent fertility is declining worldwide Gilles Pison.

La Chine et la démocratie (Documents) (French Edition)

Is a population policy really necessary? Jacques Vallin. France and Germany: a history of criss-crossing demographic curves Gilles Pison. How many people live alone in France? Sophie Pennec, Laurent Toulemon. Bonnet, E. Cambois, C. Cases, J. World population: seven billion today, how many tomorrow?

Does economic development explain the fertility rebound in OECD countries? Fewer forced marriages among immigrant women and daughters of immigrants Christelle Hamel. Two children per woman in France in Is French fertility immune to economic crisis? Is there a childbearing season?

Will life expectancy increase indefinitely by three months every year? The number and proportion of immigrants in the population: international comparisons Gilles Pison. Human fecundity: situation and outlook Henri Leridon. Marriages with foreign women in East Asia: bride trafficking or voluntary migration?

Accidental and violent injuries: Less frequent among the older population, but more serious Xavier Thierry. Census taking in Europe: how are populations counted in ? Paolo Valente. France Mean age at childbearing reaches 30 years Gilles Pison.

How is fertility affected by separation and repartnering? Eva Beaujouan.

Child mortality reduction: a contrasting picture across the world Gilles Pison. Does the birth of a child change the division of household tasks between partners? Breton, S. Condon, C-V. Marie, F. Population ageing will be faster in the South than in the North Gilles Pison. Population and development in the overseas territories of Europe Jean-Louis Rallu. Norms and attitudes to body fatness: a European comparison Thibaut de Saint Pol.

France why are birth numbers still rising? Correcting gender inequality in pensions. An overall decline in middle-age mortality across Western Europe: lowest death risks for Spanish women and Swedish men Stein Emil Vollset. Does religious practice influence family behaviours? Sexual violence in France: breaking the silence N. What family support will dependent elders have in ?

The population of France in Gilles Pison. A double disadvantage for manual workers: more years of disability and a shorter life expectancy Emmanuelle Cambois, Caroline Laborde, Jean-Marie Robine. How do employers help employees reconcile work and family life? Four decades of legalized contraception in France: an unfinished revolution? Before abestos, silicosis. Demographic surveillance in the field to capture African population trends Emmanuelle Guyavarch. Two children per woman in France in are immigrants to blame?

Baby boomers: towards the end of an era Alain Monnier. How often do adult children see their parents? How should the diverse origins of people living in France be described? Legalizing same-sex unions in Europe: innovations and paradoxes. Patrick Festy.

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Cohabitation, marriage and separation: contrasts in Europe France Prioux. Women grow old alone, but men grow old with a partner. Birth prevention before the era of modern contraception Etienne van de Walle. Adoption in France : who are the adopted children and who are the adopters? Juliette Halifax, Catherine Villeneuve-Gokalp. Chinese population challenges : fewer girls, more old people? Fertility intentions and actual fertility : a complex relationship Laurent Toulemon, Maria-Rita Testa. The world population and what about me?