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One of my recent tasks was writing a product description for the back of the book and the online store. But when his partner disappears, Kellan must let a mortal woman with powerful psychic skills join him on the hunt. An occult dynasty stole almost everything from Tasha. Her parents, her career, her friends. Filed under writing. Now that Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror the gift giving season has officially begun. Did you know that you can give them ebooks as gifts? As always, thank you for reading!


I hope you have a wonderful holiday celebration surrounded by the people you love, and that the new year is a happy one. Filed under Sale. Today is a wonderful day! It marks the end of those interminable political ads at least for the next eighteen months. A hundred years ago, women in the U. Ninety-eight years ago, in August of the 19th Amendment to the U.

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Constitution was adopted, giving women the legal right to vote for their representatives. It does. I tend to avoid political discussion here. It is our right and our privilege. Please pay attention to not only what the candidates have said, but how the incumbents have voted in the past. The recent tragedy in Pittsburgh reminded me of a poem I read many years ago.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. An early version, that Niemoller said he preferred read:. America is strong because we are diverse, not in spite of it.

Please remember that when you vote next week. In the early part of this century good grief that makes me sound old I was a member of the Western Society for Paranormal Research.

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The organizer of the group is a PhD. I went on several ghost investigations in Bisbee, Tombstone, and Prescott, Arizona. Please let me know what you thought of it by leaving a review on Amazon and share your opinion with other readers. She believes he was murdered and she wants Beth to help her prove it. Beth is doubtful. Grief drove their father off the deep end, and she fears Ellie may be following in his footsteps.

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Then tragedy strikes again, forcing Beth to accept help from beyond the grave to find a killer. Not so. I am, in fact, at about the halfway mark.

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Why so slow? It took me six months to figure out what was wrong with that book. So I went back and revised.

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The fulcrum had shifted. Even as angels and demons battled, a greater horror stalked from beyond the stars. A new lord was rising from the storm, and the gods rightly trembled. Soon their sins would be revealed. Soon, the brokenness of the heavens would be laid bare. Truth would be shown false, and lies would shine as virtue. Nothing would ever be the same.

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Still, there are seeds of hope—if they can grow in time. What they need are the waters of faith. What they need is a Lightbringer! Lyri stared down at the ruins of the city as they spread out below her and gauged the destruction. She did not measure the suffering or wonder at the lives lost. In truth, she gave no thought or reflection to the toll the devastation had exacted upon the people.

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Her appraisal was far more sober than somber; practical and pragmatic. What she was assessing was the power that had been unleashed. Buildings that had been shattered. The earth itself had been upheaved. Indeed, the carnage was quite impressive. As the range and scope of it settled into her mind, she took notes, composing her review into a thorough account of all she beheld. The world had been shaken — not just this wasteland of rubble, but the whole of Narianna itself.

Such was the extent of it all. To most, it was terrifying, but Lyri regarded the brokenness without emotion. Hers was a simple survey: a defining of the apocalyptic scene. Not to be awestruck or aghast by what she saw, but to set the first point, to hammer into her consciousness the control against which all else would be compared. This panorama would set the mark for those that followed. Ironically, she knew, no demon had wrought this catastrophe. It had been unleashed by an elemental force born, not of Morthalin, but of this world.

Such terrible power would be needed in the age that had just begun. Her assessment, then, was shrewdly taken and factored into the calculations she was making. Her question was fundamental.