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The interviewer can figure out if the candidate is someone who brings in change to the team or just ensures status quo. What do your colleagues think that you should stop doing? It is difficult to break some habits.

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The question makes the candidates really think about the perception their colleagues could carry about them, said Mohit Gundecha, co-founder of Jombay, a talent assessment firm. Which are the other companies you are interviewing with and for what positions? This is to check if the candidate is really interested in the kind of role the company is offering. It will also help the interviewers understand whether the candidate has thought through about his or her next job requirement, researched the opportunities in the sector and what he or she is really ready for.

How have your efforts in your job added value to the business? An aspect that many young professionals tend to overlook is the final deliverability of their work and how their efforts can be monetised. The reality is that at the end of the day, someone has to pay and buy a product or service that your company works for, said Warrier. What are the three reasons we should not hire you?

More often, the question evokes standard, sugar-coated answers. Flipping the question can bring out the real self, he said. How would you like your manager to work with you, or would you prefer to work alone and why?

This question is meant to reveal whether the candidates prefer being on their own or managed at every step. Read more on job interviews. In Case you missed it Linkedin Parle layoffs. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. Mail This Article.

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My Saved Articles Sign in Sign up. Find this comment offensive? Analyzing both the functional and performance behavior of an application under various conditions is called Load Testing. What is Stress Testing? Checking the application behavior under stress conditions or Reducing the system resources and keeping the load as constant and checking how the application is behaving is called Stress Testing.

What is Process? A process is a set of practices performed to achieve a given purpose; it may include tools, methods, materials or people. What is Software Configuration Management? The process of identifying, Organizing and controlling changes to the Software development and maintenance.

It includes the below factors:. What is the full form of CMMI? Capability Maturity Model Integration. What is a Code Walk Through? An informal analysis of the program source code to find the defects and verify the coding techniques is termed so. What is Unit Level Testing?

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Testing of single programs, modules or unit of code is termed as Unit Level Testing. What is Integration Level Testing? Testing of related programs, Modules or Unit of code. What is System Level Testing? Testing of the entire computer system across all the modules is termed so. This kind of testing can include Functional as well as Structural Testing. What is Alpha Testing?

Testing of a whole computer system before rolling out to the UAT is termed so. Testing of a computer system by the client to verify if it adhered to the provided requirements. What is a Test Plan?

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It is a document describing the scope, approach, resources, and schedule of testing activities. It identifies test items, features to be tested, testing tasks, who will do each task, and any risks requiring contingency planning. What is a Test Scenario?

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Identifying all the possible areas to be tested or what is to be tested is termed so. It is a method for deriving test cases. What is Boundary value analysis and Equivalence partitioning? What is a Defect? Any flaw or imperfection in a software work product is termed as a Defect. What is Severity? It defines the importance of the defect from the functional point of view i. What is Priority? It indicates the importance or urgency of fixing a defect. What is Re-Testing?

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  • Re-testing the application means verifying whether the defects have been fixed or not. What is Regression Testing? Verifying an existing functional and non-functional area after making changes to the part of a software or addition of new features is termed so. What is Recovery Testing? Checking whether the system is able to handle some unexpected or unpredictable situations is called Recovery Testing.

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    • What is Globalization Testing? It is the process of verifying whether software can be run independently of its geographical and cultural environment.

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      Checking if the application is having features of setting and changing language, date, format, and currency if it is designed for global users. What is Localization Testing? Verifying globalized application for a particular locality of users, under cultural and geographical conditions is termed so. What is Installation Testing? Checking whether we are able to install a software successfully or not, as per the guidelines given in the installation document is called Installation Testing. What is Un-Installation Testing?

      Checking whether we are able to uninstall the software from the system successfully or not is called Un-Installation Testing. What is Compatibility Testing? Checking whether the application is compatible with different software and hardware environment or not is called Compatibility Testing. What is a Test Strategy? It is a part of a test plan describing how testing is carried out for the project and what testing types need to be performed on the application.

      What is a Test Case? A Test case is a set of pre-conditional steps to be followed with input data and expected behavior to validate the functionality of a system. What is Business Validation Test Case? A test case which is prepared to check the business condition or a business requirement is called Business Validation test case. What is a Good Test Case?

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      A Test case that has the high priority of catching defects is called a Good Test Case. What is Use Case Testing? Validating a software to confirm whether it is developed as per the use cases or not is called Use Case testing. What is a Defect Age?