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Publisher: Footsteps Press: NY. Short story, limited to numbered copies signed by the author. Publisher: Century: London. By: Phillips, Robert ed. Publisher: Robinson: London.

Forster among others. Publisher: Random House: NY. Subtitled 'A Literary Mystery'. The much more demanding near future Mysteries of Motion is set in space as a kind of NASA ark, with selected passengers, attempts to dock into a Space Station, while the instigator of th By: Cochrane, Lynn M.

Publisher: Quantum Corsets: UK. Original anthology, third and last in the series. By: Datlow, Ellen ed.

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  • Sinking Afterthoughts: Volume One.

Original vampire anthology but for several reprints : pages. By: Oliver, Jonathan ed.


Publisher: Solaris: UK. By: Aldiss, Brian W. Philip K. Publisher: Avernus: London.

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Short play, subtitled 'Philip K. By: Strieber, Whitley. Publisher: Grafton Books: London. The story focuses on young Amanda Walker, who has come to rural Maywell to work with Constance Collier on her latest book. But Constance is really a witch, the spiritual leader of a large coven, and unbeknownst to Amanda she has picked the girl to be her successor.

To complicate matters, Amanda's eccentric uncle George, who is involve Publisher: Berkley Putnam: NY. Publisher: Millington: London. Condition: Fine copy in an almost fine dustjacket with a little fading to the bright yellow dustjacket. Colllects two sf novels, first published separately as Daw paperback originals in and respectively. First hardcover edition of each. Thinning is thus inevitable; even the spells which hold off the tectonic instability of Atlantis must fade. In The Magic Goes Away the moon is considered as an outside source of mana, the Midgard serpent proves to have degenerated into a still world His task is to take it on a mission of mercy to a series of colony worlds which have lost touch with human civilization''.

Publisher: Macdonald: London. The toll of corpses mounts and the struggle to identify the psychotic killer escalates''.

  1. Techniques de modélisation de Projets Culturels (Etudes Culturelles) (French Edition);
  2. Shadow Lords: The Thirteenth Room--An Archon Vampire Novel in | Novels, Neon signs, Lord.
  3. A Modest Silence;
  4. By: Collins, Nancy A. By: Wiggins, Marianne. It is around and Charlotte, a young widow, takes on the job of tutoring the daughters of British subjects in Burma. She enters into a passionate affair with John Dollar, captain of a small ship. Soon a foreshadowing of the savagery to come occurs on an apparently genteel picnic when the migration of sea turtles to lay their eggs on the beach becomes a blood bath. In very quick order a tidal wave strikes, the young girls are left to survive on their own Book One of the Isavalta fantasy trilogy. Publisher: Del Rey: NY.

    Fantasy novel, first in the A Handful Of Men four book series. The world of these two series seems at first to have elements of a Gameworld; as the series progress, however, this comes to seem a conscientious decision to stylize and make Publisher: Legend: London. But Rali cared little for magic, and even less for journeying. She was a soldier, captain of the elite Maranon Guard, staunch defenders of the majestic city of Orissa. But her family legacy was about to catch up with her.

    For the Guard's latest mission was sheer suicide: a sea-going odyssey in search of an evil master wizard--the last Archon of Lycanth--who had fled with a secret doomsday spell that could destroy all of civilization. It would be Rali's greatest Publisher: Timescape Books: NY. Publisher: Arbor House: NY. Novel about a young man who is so worried about the threat of nuclear war that he is forced to solve the problem all by himself, by decoding the messages John Lennon left for him in song lyrics.

    Written in short, clipped sentences, very much like Richard Brautigan or Kurt Vonnegut. It puts the entire nuclear circus in exactly the mad sort of perspective it deserves.

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    Buy two copies: keep one, and send the other to your senator'' Stephen King. Speculative poetry from the two authors, published back-to-back like the old Ace Doubles. By: Christian, Deborah. By: Sheffield, Charles.

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    By: Bonanno, Margaret Wander. SF novel, first in the trilogy: ''right up there with some of Philip K. Dick's more paranoid pieces'' Locus. In The Others, a Planetary-Romance sequence comprising The Others , Otherwhere and Otherwise , the eponymous aliens, stranded on an Earth-like world, must attempt - through telepathy and intermittent bouts of interracial breeding - to survive the onslaughts of jealous, inferior human-like natives.

    Publisher: Maypole Editions: Gloucestershire. Modern political satire, in which ex-hippy Lord Glawk becomes benign dictator of of Britain. Read more here. The White Hart. Seller ID: Condition: Fine copy in a fine dustjacket as new. The Carrier. Year's Best Body Horror Anthology. Split Heirs.

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    Rebel Sutra. The Foreigners signed by the author. Edition: First British trade hardcover edition. Johnny Mnemonic. Dinotopia Lost. Puck Aleshire's Abecedary.

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    • aux petites heures du matin (collection je t`aime) (French Edition).

    Seller ID: Condition: Fine unread copy. Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy Complete by White Wolf The Red Death, a powerful vampire thousands of years old, has made a blood bargain with the monstrous fire creatures from another dimension. With their aid and the support of the Order of Dreadful Night, he plots to rule the world as Master of the Undead. To do this they must find the one vampire who knows the key You'll find a comparison of the various crowdfunding sites, Trained as a samurai warrior, she was to be the bodyguard of Isawa Tadaka, a powerful shugenja—and the man she loved. Although her new duties have drawn them apart, she refuses to stand by and watch as Tadaka falls to Humaniti are old, scattered, degenerate — and vulnerable. As the inevitable war for territory draws closer, young Lord Ifteyu of the Hlewela clan travels to the border worlds to survey potential conquests. He hungers for a vast empire that Now, the entire epic is represented in four beautiful tradeformat volumes. Now, the entire epic is released in four beutiful trade format volumes. The Clan Novel Saga reorganizes the chapters from all 13 novels and the In this first edition of Traveler's Tales, we feature 10 short stories - five SG-1 and five Atlantis.

    Striking from the shadows, methodical, heinous, the murderer has wrapped the bawdy, colorful community in a suffocating blanket of terror. Ninniniru "Ninn" Tossinn, a troubled private investigator, joins forces with Baraka, an elderly Aborigine The economy and industry are roaring, the middle class is exploding, and everyone can own their own home.