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The pupils think, act, and learn in relation to and through these tools, which is very similar in sloyd and Technology education Johansson , pp.

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Williams The heart of the matter here is the different philosophical underpinnings of these two subjects. Its main interest is technology itself; what it is, how it evolves, and how we as humans conceive, design, use, and manage technology Hughes ; Pearson and Young Borg A major difference in curriculum components between Technology and Sloyd education, therefore, is that the kind of technology dealt with in sloyd is artifacts, whereas in many countries, including Sweden, much of the modernization of Technology education has been about including a systems component.

In the present day, broad conception of technology, aimed at technological literacy, systems play a central part since much of modern technology is included in various technological systems cf. The fact that systems are included in Technology education, but not in Educational sloyd, testifies to the difference in focus; technology deals mainly with the human-built world, which is increasingly permeated by various technological systems cf.

Kaijser Still, the overlap of similar curriculum components is substantial, and an obvious conclusion is that a major part of sloyd is also a part of the field of Technology education today, not the other way around cf. Whittaker , p. But in a sense, yes; Cygnaeus was the founder of at least parts of the global field of Technology education today, and technology and sloyd thus share a common ancestry and, largely, common epistemological ground.

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Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. Living reference work entry First Online: 03 April Download reference work entry PDF. Introduction Technology is messy and complex. Kursplaner, betygskriterier , p. This was later developed in the revision of Technical knowledge is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for mastering and using the technology surrounding us. Despite this emphasis on practical work and craftsmanship, there was no sign of a closer relationship to sloyd, however. Educational sloyd continued as a subject of its own, building on the historical sloyd tradition although being somewhat modernized.

In the latest and still running Swedish national curriculum , Technology education is now even more modernized, at the same time as there is somewhat of a re-vocationalization cf. The technology curriculum begins with the following rationale and aim: Technological solutions have always been important for man and for the development of society. Aim Teaching in technology should aim at helping the pupils to develop their technical expertise and technical awareness so that they can orient themselves and act in a technologically intensive world.

Sweden retains a distinct technology subject while also keeping a parallel Sloyd education subject. Sloyd education in Sweden today retains much of the historical heritage of Educational sloyd while also bringing in more modern features. However, sloyd is arguably still very much influenced by its origins in the late nineteenth century. Even in the latest Swedish curriculum from , there is great focus on handicraft, design, aesthetics, and cultural expression in sloyd termed crafts in the official translation : Producing objects and processing material with the help of tools is one way for people to think and express themselves.

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Aim Teaching in crafts should aim at helping the pupils to develop knowledge of different handicrafts and the ability to work with different materials and forms of expression. The content-related and method-related curriculum components outlined in this chapter are central to these two school subjects in both the curricula and the literature. Figure 1 is an image of the relationship between Technology education and Educational sloyd in the curriculum, as these two subject domains have evolved in Sweden in particular.

The chapter has naturally focused on the research on Technology education in relation to Sloyd education. For research on aspects of the subject content of Technology education and technological literacy per se, see other chapters in this book and also, e. Open image in new window.

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The Impact and Legacy of Educational Sloyd Head and hands in harness

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Impact Legacy Educational Sloyd Head by Whittaker David

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Whittaker, David J. (1925-)

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