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Get close to your subjects to see that it looks like close up.

Textures and patterns are reoccurring themes in this area of photography. From research, you will see that a suggestion of an object is much more powerful than seeing all it. It helps to create interest and excitement. Feel free to peruse these for inspiration. It will give you a good idea of what other photographers are creating.

Abstract is in the eye of the beholder. As a photographer, you just have to capture what you see.

Sunset Photography Tips and Inspiration

Even if others cant. What you photograph is entirely down to you. Abstraction means relieving the scene of representational qualities.

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You might find that lower-priced options for cameras and mobile phones can help to add an abstract quality to your images. Yet, a camera that has a capacity for raw images allows high quality. Good lenses will ensure sharp images. Having a smartphone is great as it is lightweight, portable and accessible. You can use it to get close to objects without having to worry about expensive lenses.

A smartphone as a tool lets you focus on representing your concept easily. Using your smartphone, look for shapes, patterns, and textures in your images. They help to strip the object of its original idea. This will surprise and confuse your viewer. This app will allow your camera to take images with slow shutter speeds. Showing movement gives an extra level of creativity in your images. It allows simple objects to become something different and special.

Technical abstract photography looks at how you can choose tools and accessories alongside your camera to capture abstract images. There is no easier way to capture an abstract image than using a macro lens. These lenses allow you to get very close to a subject. This helps to single out abstraction from the whole subject. A macro lens is a specialist lens. They can be further extended with the use of extension tubes and the crop factor from a cropped sensor.

Multiple exposures are created during post-processing. As this article suggests, this is also possible within the camera itself. This allows you to photograph many images at shorter shutter speeds. There is no limit to what you can photograph.

Make Every Photo EASIER TO PAINT - Photo Editing Tips for Watercolor Painting

Anything and everything is photographable, it just comes down to your creativity and vision. Here is a list of a few subjects where you might find inspiration and try abstract photography for yourself. Nature is just one area where abstract photography can flourish. The best thing is that nature photography is never too far away and it gets you out, into the fresh air.

The outside world is full of interesting shapes and textures. It is also a place full of beautiful colors that change all year round. In this area, you can use water for reflections. When it freezes over in winter, it will add interesting texture.

Darja Bilyk’s mobile photography tips

The body is an object that has many interesting shapes and curves. These are easily abstracted when you look at specific areas instead of the whole. Just by zooming in on parts of the body, you take away the literal sense. As the body is something we see regularly, putting it in a different light creates interest.

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Burning steel wool during a long exposure has become very popular in recent years. It is especially interesting at night when the burning sparks can be seen easily. This is a great way to make the viewers question the scene. The longer the viewer looks at the image, the more interesting the image becomes.

This technique is a great way to show the landscape. Not just as it adds light to the scene, but also the sparks will bounce off the floor and setting. Landscapes are an interesting subject to look at with abstraction. There are many areas you can look at for inspiration due to the colors, forms, and textures. One specific area is water. It has the ability to act as a mirror of the surrounding environment. These images reflect the scene and show it with added texture.

A way to capture water in this state is to photograph the reflection and flip the image. This shows the scene as being normal, yet abstract due to the painterly effect. Abstract images are found everywhere. Using something as simple as paper can be interesting, depending on how it is photographed. Paper can be bent and warped due to its playability.

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It also comes in many colors and can hold texture or print. Weights, paper clips, and sellotape are tools that will help you organize these into playful shapes. Showing a suggestion instead of the real subject will help to add interest in creating an abstract image. One good example of hinting towards a subject is by using shadows. Have you heard about it, but not been able to work out what it is? Who are the artists doing it? How can you do it? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then read on and see if they can be answered for you.

Conceptual photography is a type of fine art photography. Like the latter, everyone you ask will give you a different definition. It is an art form that has been around for as long as people have been making art. It seems to be something that people have only started talking about in the last 10 years or so. The Tower of the Manchester Unity Building where the brief was to make it look like Batman lived there.